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Counter Intelligence - A Comedy

Feature   |   English   |  USA - India

Crescent City

Feature   |   English   |  USA



GENRE:  Neo-Noir Mystery




Writer/Executive Producer: James Farwell

Producers: Carol Bidault de l'Isle, Chandu Shah

Executive Producers: James Farwell, Frank Hart, Jerry Daigle

Co-Producer: John Oetjen 


Countries of production: USA


Year of production: 2021


Duration (in minutes): 90


Budget (M$): 25 Million USD



Note from Author/Writer:

New Orleans is a city that in appearance is a garden of roses. But it sits on a bed of thorns. They’re sharp, they cut, and you bleed. Just when you think you’ve avoided stepping on one patch, you land squarely in the center of aanither.


You want to control your own destiny, but that destiny is framed by Parameters over which you have no control.


Just getting by is no good, but to get ahead and realize your dreams you have to compromise with the reality of the place. It’s a city of purported royalty Whose icons are floats made of tin foil, Ridden by knights who throw beads made in formerly communist countries or, today, China.