Cut Off

88 mins   |   English  |  USA  |   Feature

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Awards: Cut Off wins big!

- Best Supporting Actor - Jean Marc Barr | Bridges International Film Festival (Athens, Corinth Greece)

Best Script & Best Sound |  New York City Film Festival 

- Special Mention Cyprus International Film Festival 


Other festivals and Events: 

- Washington, DC Independent Film Festival 

- Bridges International Film Festival

- New York City Film Festival 

- Cyprus International Film Festival

- Louisiana International Film Festival

- Hayti International Film Festival

- New Orleans Film Festival 

Berlinale (Berlin Film Festival)  Interview by Film with  Jean-Marc Barr & Video


Production Status: 

In Festival circuit & seeking distribution
Delivery Date:  Summer 2020

Available materials:                                

  • Creative: Trailer, Clips, Script, Storyboard, Director's Look Book, Scene by scene Lighting book, Director's notes, Teaser Trailer, Theme song

  • Business: Financial Plan, Presentation, Distribution Plan, Sales Projections

  • Press releases


Writer/Director & Producer: 

  • Writer/Director/Executive Producer: Jowan Carbin, an award-winning director

  • Producer: Carol Bidault de l’Isle, an award-winning producer. 


Cast (For full list visit: imdb): 

  • Brad Dourif (Academy Award-nominated actor in One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest, Lord of the Rings) in the role of DIGGS.

  • William Baldwin (Squid & the Whale, BackDraft) in the role of HASKELL. 

  • Laura Cayouette (Django Unchained) in the role of BRIDGET.

  • Lew Temple (Unstoppable, Walking Dead) in the role of BOBBY.

  • John Robinson (Lords of Dogtown, Elephant, Transformers) in the lead role of CLIVE. 

  • Jean-Marc Barr (Nominated for Best Actor by Cesar Awards and European Film Awards for Big Blue, Europa, Breaking the Waves) in the lead role of TREVOR.

  • Anna Margaret (Soundtrack of the Disney Channel Original Movie, Starstruck) in the role of CHARLENE.

  • Devyn A. Tyler (12 years a Slave, Curious Case of Benjamin Button) in the role of KATE.

  • Sunpie & the Louisiana Sunspots - Special Appearance


Genre: A Psychological Thriller


Tagline: Reality is just a nightmare away!


After moving to New Orleans,  Clive suffers a horrific tragedy, leaving him susceptible to the mind games of Trevor, the enigmatic leader of a Manson-esque cult, who lures Clive to a country home on the bayou in Cut Off, Louisiana, where Clive must use his wits to escape.



Los Angeles native, CLIVE STONE (20s) struggles to connect to some of the colorful characters in his wife KATE’S (20s) hometown of New Orleans. After a chance encounter at a local gas station, Clive shares a connection with a former professor, the enigmatic TREVOR DE BLANC (50s). Clive invites Trevor over for a drink, however, the meeting is sidetracked by the demands of Clive’s loathsome telemarketing job, and his wife’s unexpected pregnancy.


Soon, Kate’s loving encouragement toward Clive sours when their happy little home is ravished by tragedy, creating a rift between the couple that leaves Clive grief-stricken, popping pills and drinking heavily.

Finally, Trevor arrives over Clive’s house for that drink, and there, Trevor bares witnesses to Clive’s mental deterioration. Never one to let an opportunity pass him by, Trevor lures Clive to his country home on the bayou in Cut Off, Louisiana. While there, Clive’s drinking and pillpopping intensifies, making him susceptible to Trevor’s mind games involving an 18-year-old runaway named CHARLENE, and the unexpected arrival of some of Trevor’s eclectic friends.

As Trevor goads Clive into facing the truth about the tragedy that ripped him and Kate apart, Clive’s delusions subside, and his eyes are opened to the terrifying truth that he has been living with a Manson-esque cult lead by Trevor himself. What culminates in the woods of CUT OFF is an explosive showdown that forever changes Clive’s perception of reality, and leaves him with blood on his hands.


Cut Off (aka - Born Again Dead) is a psychological thriller in the tradition of Repulsion, Rosemary's Baby, and Martha Marcy May Marlene; set against the beautiful, exotic backdrop of New Orleans, Louisiana.


News & Updates:


  • Cut Off screenplay became a semifinalist in the 7th Annual StoryPros International Screenwriting Competition.

  • Voted IndieWire's pick of the week! (October 2014)


Production Staff (for full list visit: imdb):

  • Writer | Director | Executive Producer: Jowan Carbin, award-winning director

  • Producer: Carol Bidault de l’Isle is an award-winning producer. 

  • Cinematographer: Award-winning Justin Zweifach  

  • Editor: Derek Drouin | Assistant Editor: Lee Grubin | EPS Cineworks

  • Post Production Producer: Leslie Converse

  • Sound Design & Supervisor: Larry Blake |  Swelltone

  • Music Composer: Jay Weigel

  • Color Design: KyotoColor |  Bradley Greer

  • Production Legal Counsel and Music Supervisor: Suzette Toledano

  • Co-Producer & Additional Production Counsel: Claire Ambrosio

  • Casting: Ineke de Vos

  • Publicity: Tiffany Napper | Bats on a String and Sharon Edwards

  • Still Photographer |  EPK: Angela DeVille

  • Behind the Scenes Documentary: Frank Spiro


Additional Producers: 

  • Executive Producers: Second Line Stages, Derrick & Kathy Carbin, William Baldwin, Jowan Carbin, Chandu Shah, Frank E. Hart

  • Co-Producers: Edith LeBlanc, Jon Vogl

  • Associate Producers: Blair Davis, Bruce Hills,  Sandy Parker, Claire Ambrosio, Paul Balanon

Budget: $2.5 million USD
- - - -
Director's note about the film:
Cut Off (aka Born Again Dead) is about dysfunctional relationships.  The dysfunctional relationship between a husband and wife; a father and son; a grieving father and his grieving surrogate son; a family of broken people who seek to be enlightened, but are ultimately running from their personal demons.  It is terrifying to witness seemingly normal people succumb to the identifiable emotions and feelings we all possess, and then be lead astray, so broken, that they take extremist actions. Cut Off is about a group of people who unknowingly have succumbed to the pressures we all face in life.

Carbin's previous film - Welcome To Life:

  • Winner of: DGA award;  Best Student Short Film 15 min and under, Palm Springs International; ShortFest Regional Finalist for the Student Academy Awards; HBO Short Film Award; Second Prize Winner at the San Francisco Black Film Festival;

  • Official Selection: Sundance; Los Angeles, Urbanworld; Newport International Film Festival; Outfest; American Black Film Festival; Cinematexas International Short Film Festival; and Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival.

Special Thanks to: (Kickstart campaign & video)

  • Shena Mullins - Camera Operator (Kickstarter)

  • Adam Tidwell - Production Assistant  (Kickstarter)

  • Luis G. Martinez - Extra / Man with shovel  (Kickstarter)

  • Louis H. Gomez Sr.

  • David Campbell

  • Little River Bluffs Inn

  • Ian Watermeier

News/ Updates:

  • World Premiere (Work in Progress) - New Orleans Film Festival (2017)

  • In October 2014 - Voted IndieWire pick of the week!

  • In October 2014 – Successfully completed Kickstarter Campaign, making Cut Off (aka - Born Again Dead) at that time the second highest funded thriller in Kickstarter history, after Paul Schrader’s The Canyons. Also Voted “Staff Pick” & Featured Project in film and video.

  • In December 2013 Cut Off (aka - Born Again Dead) screenplay became a semifinalist in the 7th Annual StoryPros International Screenwriting Competition.


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