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Slate of Features in Development


The Allotment

A romantic fantasy feature film about a glider pilot makes a successful crash landing in a remote Louisiana tobacco field, the pilot seeks the assistance of the owners. He soon realizes that the price of recovering his valuable aircraft is romance and eternal life. It sounds too good to be true.  Read more


Angel Lady

An ex-con single mom exploits a mysterious glitch on her television.  But her dark past threatens to derail the Angel Lady’s new life with her son. Read more



Fleeing their country, Carmen and her mother join the Caravan of migrants and find themselves separated, with no hope to reuniting. Read more



A twist on the classic novel about the first female vampire. Read more


Crescent City

A glittering society that masks a dark reality of the double and triple cross, greed, and murder. Read more


Curse of the Cry Baby

A Native American horror/ sci-fi film about a town ravaged by the apocalypse, shot in mixed media (live action & state of the art animation).  Read more


Degas - The Impressionable Years

Based on the true story of Edgar Degas's early years, growing up in France and Italy, including his visit to New Orleans in 1872. Read more



One man, one prison, and a system that kept them incarcerated until they were exonerated. Read more


The House of Secrets

A psychological thriller that explores the themes of family, coming of age, and the supernatural. Read more

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James Farwell Projects

James P. Farwell is a prolific writer and an expert in information warfare, influence operations, and cyber policy and strategy, with geo-topical expertise in the Middle East, North Africa, and Pakistan. Read more


Le Canard

A family drama about a top chef and her estranged teenage daughter get caught up on a road trip to find the perfect ducks needed for her restaurant, the world-famous, Le Canard, and end up finding the love that binds them. Read more


Like Father, Like Son

The extraordinary circumstances test the loyalty shown by family, old friends and strangers in a world in turmoil. Set in Afghanistan. Read more


Mona Lisa

How many Mona Lisa’s did Leonardo paint? The answers give rise to intrigue, murder, greed, double-cross, mystery and romance in this fast-paced action romantic comedy.  Read more


National Lampoon's

Counter Intelligence

A screwball comedy that lampoons and pours ridicule on corruption, weapons of mass destruction, and men that pursue them. Read more


The Security of Fear - In Post-Production

The Security of Fear is a psychological thriller. Read more


The Weight Of Money

​Based on a true story, two American pilots are contracted to deliver the world’s fastest, most complex corporate jet to Angola, West Africa. In doing so, they unknowingly create the means for carrying out the largest bank heist in world history, with over $20 Billion dollars were flown from Angola to overseas accounts. Read more

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