Aha Channel (“Aha App”) is a new website and mobile application that provides a new value to web surfers and smart-phone customers. Why “Aha”? “AHA” is the expression of discovery or realization; it is that moment in a film that connects with the viewer. The value proposition of the Aha App is to fill a customer need to extend the enjoyment of their smart-phones by providing personalized entertainment (movies, animation, documentaries, etc.) to their virtual experience. Similar to other mobile applications, such as pandora.com for music, Aha App will provide a “personalized” experience for customers, by identifying their interests and “likes” and delivering additional “associated clips” to provide a rich visual experience. Aha App will differentiate itself by accessing and showcasing an extensive library of “clips” from over 10,000 films. Each film generates a number of clips which can be streamed quickly and easily on their computer or smart-phone.



MediaFusion Properties owns and manages exclusive, luxury and secure properties. If you are looking for an ideal vacation or short term corporate rental, we are here to assist you. Our family has been in the Estate Management business for over 50 years in New Orleans, Louisiana and Los Angeles, California. We know what people with high standards expect. 



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