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MediaFusion Entertainment produces feature films and documentaries worldwide.  Below are highlights of the projects:

  • In Development 

  • In Pre-Production

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For a list of the completed projects, click here 


MediaFusion Entertainment is proud to present the following slate of feature films and documentaries:

  • In Development 

    • Blind Love - Degas Paints New Orleans,  based on the true story of Edgar Degas early years, including his visit to New Orleans in 1872. 

    • Le Canard, a family drama about a top chef and her estranged teenage daughter get caught up on a road trip to find the perfect ducks needed for her restaurant, the world famous, Le Canard, and end up finding the love that binds them.  

    • Carmilla, a twist on the classic novel about the first female vampire

    • New - The Curse of the Cry Baby, a Native American faith-based sci-fi film about a town ravaged by the apocalypse. 

    • The House of Secrets, a psychological thriller that explores the themes of family, coming of age, and the supernatural

    • James Farwell Projects

    • New - The Search, fleeing their country, Carmen and her mother join the Caravan of migrants and find themselves separated, with no hope to reuniting.

    • New - Subvision, Retelling the ancient Greek myth of Daphne and Apollo in animation. 

  • In Pre-Production

    • New - The Allotment, a romantic fantasy feature film about MARIE DUBOIS have been given this opportunity and when they accidentally meet JIM BROOKS, a pilot/architect, they offer him a chance at eternal life and love. 

    • New - The Chronicles of Young Washington, a fantasy about young George Washington

    • New - National Lampoon's Counter Intelligence - A Comedy, a screwball comedy that lampoons and pours ridicule on corruption, weapons of mass destruction and men that pursue them. 

    • Like Father, Like Son shows the extraordinary circumstances that test the loyalty shown by family, old friends and strangers in a world in turmoil. Set in Afghanistan.

    • Mona Lisa, Lord Fox, joins forces with Scotland Yard and the FBI to derail a nefarious scheme by Russian President Yuri Titov to get his hands on an original Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. It turns out that more than one exists. Indeed, there are five.

    • The Weight of Money, based on a true story.  Two American pilots are contracted to deliver the world’s fastest, most complex corporate jet to Angola, West Africa. In doing so, they unknowingly create the means for carrying out the largest bank heist in world history, with over $20 Billion dollars were flown from Angola to overseas accounts.

  • In Production

  • In Post Production

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