Counter Intelligence - A Comedy

Feature   |   English   |  USA - India


Feature   |   English   |  USA



GENRE:  Based on a true story, bio-pic, drama

TAG-LINE: men, one prison, exonerated after 25 years. Now what?


LOG-LINE: men, one prison, and a system that kept them incarcerated for over 25 years until they were exonerated. What happened and now what?


Both a documentary and a feature will be produced. 

Writer: Carol Gomez-Robelo


Producer: Carol Bidault de l'Isle

Associate Producer: Simone Brown


Country of production: USA


Year of production: 2021


Duration (in minutes): 90


Budget (M$): $5 Million USD


Synopsis:  2 men, one prison in Angola, Louisiana and a system that kept 2 innocent men to be incarcerated for over 25 years until they were exonerated. Who were they before, during and what has been their life since being released from the infamous ANGOLA. How do they get their lives back? 

Note from Author/Writer: Louisiana has the highest rate of incarceration in the United States and the world. Since the 1970s the rate of incarceration quadrupled. What caused this? And what explains the rash of exonerated prisoners from the infamous Angola prison. 

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