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The Allotment

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Feature   |   English   |  USA

Production Status:  In Development 

Genre: Romantic Comedy/Drama/Sci-Fi


Tagline: Destiny doesn't happen by accident. 



After a glider pilot makes a successful crash landing in a remote Louisiana tobacco field, the pilot seeks the assistance of the owners. He soon realizes that the price of recovering his valuable aircraft is romance and eternal life. It sounds too good to be true.


Production Companies: MediaFusion Entertainment & Airworthy Films


Writer/Executive Producer: Robert Pelt

Producer: Carol Bidault de l'Isle 

Executive Producer: Diane Pelt

Associate Producers: Nancy Puetz, Susan Axton




Location: Louisiana, USA

FINANCE IN PLACE: 65% (In Equity and Tax incentives)



This story comes from out of the blue, literally. On a Friday afternoon in the skies over Louisiana’s Atchafalaya Basin, JIM BROOKS is confronted with a massive thunderstorm and decides to land in a remote tobacco field. 


Following a safe landing, Jim seeks assistance at a nearby antebellum home where he meets siblings MARIE and CHARLES DUBOIS, owners of the tobacco field, and thousands of the surrounding acres. Both Dubois are hospitable at first; Marie is welcoming yet mysterious. But Charles turns from gracious to belligerent when he determines the extent of the damage to his tobacco crop; the sailplane, having landed within days of the harvest, has destroyed over $40,000 of tobacco. Charles demands full payment, and in cash. Jim’s sailplane will be held “hostage” until payment is made.


Marie isn’t so concerned about the tobacco; she sees Jim’s accidental landing as her destiny and a fortuitous opportunity, for she quickly falls in love.  Jim is mutually attracted to Marie, but he’s more preoccupied with retrieving his sailplane. In an effort to change Jim’s focus from the sailplane to her, Marie shares a family secret with Jim: she and her brother make and take an elixir that has kept them alive since the mid-nineteenth century and may do so indefinitely. After listening to Marie’s strange tale, Jim becomes incredulous and believes that Charles and Marie are out to swindle him.


Jim refuses to pay Charles the ransom or to believe Marie’s story of eternal life. Instead, he enlists the help of a friend, HARRY JACOBS.  Harry is a former Army Ranger and Vietnam vet; together they devise a brazen plan to extract the aircraft from the Dubois farm by force.  However, the plan ultimately fails, leaving Jim in more trouble with the Dubois and realizing that his chances of recovering the sailplane are slipping away. But just as all seems lost, fate steps in when Charles suffers a farm accident.  While her brother is hospitalized, Marie calls Jim and asks him to remove the sailplane -- with ransom payment waived.  Back at the Dubois farm, a neighbor tells Jim that the Dubois will need help in harvesting the remaining tobacco. Jim and Harry volunteer to help.


When Marie learns of this act of kindness, she is deeply touched and convinces Charles to make Jim the offer of a lifetime. So Charles confides with Jim that after 120 years of life he now seeks eternal rest. The bargain is simple to marry Marie, take their mysterious elixir, and live forever on the Dubois farm. Although Jim’s relationship with Marie has been short and tenuous, he has also fallen in love.  Jim accepts the bargain, but as with many bargains, you can get more than you bargained for. The truth is that Charles is miserable, and we all know misery loves company.


The Allotment is a film that explores the mysteries of flying sailplanes and growing Perique tobacco, with the themes of eternal life, family, and love - and with a very unusual humor.

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