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The Weight of Money

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Feature   |   English   |  USA

NEWS!!! Star Victoria set to direct (imdb link)

Production Status:  In Development

Genre: Adventure/Drama/Dark Comedy


Tagline: An adventure as big as Africa itself.


Logline: Based on a true story.  Two American pilots are contracted to deliver the world’s fastest, most complex corporate jet to Angola, West Africa. In doing so, they unknowingly create the means for carrying out the largest bank heist in world history, with over $20 Billion dollars were flown from Angola to overseas accounts.


Director: Star Victoria (imdb link)

Production Companies: MediaFusion Entertainment & Airworthy Films


Writer/Executive Producer: Robert Pelt

Co-writerErin Roth

Producer: Carol Bidault de l'Isle / MediaFusion Entertainment

Executive Producer: Diane Pelt


Similar films: American Made, The Italian Job


Location: West Africa


FINANCING IN PLACE: 65% (In Equity and Tax incentives)



Based on a true story, on January 9th, 2009, a Cessna Citation X is
delivered to Luanda, Angola. The American pilots delivering the aircraft will stay in Africa for several months training pilots and mechanics of Air26, an aircraft charter company.


The Americans believe the jet they are delivering is to be used to fly top government officials and high net worth individuals from Europe or Asia, to Angola. But ultimately the jet will be used to fly just one individual, or more correctly stated, a rendering of that one individual, Benjamin Franklin, in the form of US one hundred dollar bills; eventually transporting millions of dollars in cash!

No credit cards, or checks accepted in this country, everything must be paid for in cash. It is a normal occurrence to pay for jet fuel ($9,000 for a fill-up) from a ten thousand dollar stack of $100 bills. Although there were other red flags, the American pilots were oblivious to the real mission in store for this aircraft, the largest known bank heist not of the century, but of all recorded history.

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MediaFusion Star Victoria

Star Victoria

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