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Orlok, the Vampire (3D)

83 mins   |   Silent with subtitles  |  USA  |   Classic


(aka NOSFERATU 3D Redux)

Feature Film


Production Status: Complete


Available worldwide in all media. Contact us for more details.


The official Synopsis:

Max Schreck is back with his finest fang-to-flesh classic!

Orlok, the Vampire in 3D is a newly restored version of Murnau's Nosferatu in three dimensions. This never before the seen print is an eerie and disturbing adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula. Shortly after its 1922 premiere, Murnau's masterpiece became the subject of a bitter lawsuit. As a result, all known copies of this bloodsucking classic were destroyed. Or so it was believed....


Eighty-seven years later, MediaFusion unleashes this unnerving stereoscopic nightmare, with new sound design, CGI design, never before seen footage, and an introduction by Troma sensation Lloyd Kaufman. Prepare for a filmic feeding frenzy of fright. (3D glasses required for optimal viewing).


This newly remastered version has been retitled Orlok, the Vampire in 3D, in honor of the main character, Count Orlok. It premiered at the 2009 Washington, DC Independent Film Festival to rave reviews from the audience.

Reviews: "The 3D gave this film a whole new experience"; "Scary, but it also made me laugh"; "The 3D effects in this version really did create remarkable depth and added horror. The result was very impressive"; (Alison's Movie Blog).


Here we see a whole new resurrection of the 3D experience. Major press outlets around the world are heralding in these new productions. Time Inc. calls it a "3-D Explosion" according to Entertainment Weekly, "if Jeffrey Katzenberg ruled the universe.. every movie, from titles to closing credits, would be in mind-blowing 3D"; However, the 3D technique used in Orlok, the Vampire in 3D, does not require movie theatres to convert their screens, for example to the special silver 3D screen required by InTru 3D created by DreamWorks. Theatres that project Orlok, the Vampire in 3D, will only need a Digi-beta deck or even a DVD player for smaller theatres and 3-D glasses.


"Our goal", states Carol Bidault, President of MediaFusion "is to give audiences around the world a fresh new experience with all the films that our company releases. Remaking Nosferatu was a perfect opportunity to work with an award-winning creator/animator, Keith Carter, and bring new life to this classic". She continues, "We are hoping to get this film into the theatres for special screenings. The dream would be to have midnight screenings in the movie theatres around the world."


The DVD version of Orlok, The Vampire in 3D will contain more exciting extras, including a new 3D anaglyphic promo, a trailer, all-new animated credits, new musical soundtrack, all-new sound design, CGI graphics, never-before-seen footage, introduction by TROMA sensation Lloyd Kaufman, a pop-up trivia version, a Director and Producer commentary version, the "Making of", and 2 pairs of 3D glasses. Also available: Orlok, the Vampire in 2D, and for the die-hard fans a special edition with a comic book Pre-quel and an action figure, complete with a miniature rat.


"There are so many versions of this old movie", states Keith Carter, "I just wanted to breathe new life into it, to make something that you can enjoy in an entirely new manner and even add to your collection."


About the principals:

Carol Bidault de l'Isle, the producer,  is an award-winning international motion picture and television producer. Her company MediaFusion specializes in media asset acquisitions & management, financing, and distribution. She brings with her 30 years of industry experience in the United States, Europe, and Latin America.


Keith Carter, the director/creator of Orlok, the Vampire in 3D, is a Native American of Coharie descent, began his career in 1986 penciling for a small comic book company called Silverwolf Comics. Since then, his work has appeared in such publications as The Washington Post, Topps Trading Cards, and National Geographic. In 1993, Mr. Carter began a career in animation with a D.C.-based studio called News In Motion. While working with clientele such as Disney, CNN, CBS, Lucas Films, and USA TODAY Live, Mr. Carter developed his craft for animated storytelling. He is an award-winning creator/animator and has garnered one Emmy & three Emmy nominations.

Available Special edition: BUY NOW!!!

For the die-hards fans a special edition with a comic book, Pre-quel and an action figure, complete with a miniature rat, as well as all the feature listed below:

- DVD in 3D with glasses

- 10 minute preview

- Trailer in 3D

- All new animated credits, new musical soundtrack, all new sound design, CGI graphics, never-before-seen footage

- Introduction by TROMA sensation Lloyd Kaufman

- A pop-up trivia version

- A Director and Producer commentary version

- The "Making of"

- 2 pairs of 3D glasses


Also available:

- Orlok, the Vampire in 2D

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