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Aha Channel (“Aha App”) is a new website and mobile application that provides a new value to web surfers and smart-phone customers. Why “Aha”? “AHA” is the expression of discovery or realization; it is that moment in a film that connects with the viewer. The value proposition of the Aha App is to fill a customer need to extend the enjoyment of their smart-phones by providing personalized entertainment (movies, animation, documentaries, etc.) to their virtual experience. Similar to other mobile applications, such as for music, Aha App will provide a “personalized” experience for customers, by identifying their interests and “likes” and delivering additional “associated clips” to provide a rich visual experience. Aha App will differentiate itself by accessing and showcasing an extensive library of “clips” from over 10,000 films. Each film generates a number of clips which can be streamed quickly and easily on their computer or smart-phone. Read more>




A site to buy & sell movie wardrobe, props etc of independent films. Read more>



MediaFusion Property Management Company owns and manages exclusive, luxury, and secure properties internationally. These properties are ideal as locations shoots, corporate rentals for productions, vacation or short-term corporate rentals, we are here to assist you. Our team has been in the Estate Management business for over 50 years in New Orleans, Louisiana; Los Angeles, California and France. We know what people with high standards expect.  

Our properties are fully furnished, well maintained and secure. Ideal for productions, get-away weekends, weddings, family reunions. Film Locations: If you are interested in a location for your commercial or film, please contact us. 

Concierge services available (private chefs, airport pick-ups, private tours, etc) for an additional charge. Read more>


MediaFusion Entertainment, LLC provides event management services for both private and public institutions to promote their initiatives and cultural assets. These services include:

  • Film festival and conference event management services for governments and private institutions seeking to promote their cultural assets;

  • Film industry reports that provide a country by country, medium  by medium analysis;

  • Producer Seminars, panels, workshops and seminars on both the creative and the business side of film. Read more PAST EVENTS >



MediaFusion provides film festival and conference events management services for governments and private institutions seeking to promote their cultural assets. These services include the Creation of events, administration, and programming. 

  • 2015 WIFTI Short-Case (Women in Film & TV Short Film Short case)

  • Washington, DC Independent Film Festival (

  • Latin American Film Festival (sponsored by Organization of American States, American Film Institute - Washington, DC)

  • Alliance Francaise New Orleans - Cine Club: Since 2013, MediaFusion sponsors, programs and presents a monthly series of contemporary and classic French cinema. These events are meant to promote French culture, language, and cinema.  Read more>


MediaFusion is engaged as an advisor, contributor, and consultant in the area of the film; as well as prepares Film industry reports which include information country by country, medium by medium analysis.

America’s Image Abroad – The UNESCO Cultural Diversity Convention & US Motion Picture Exports ( pdf attached)

> Study Economic Impact of the Film Industry in Latin America. For a copy of the report, please contact:

> Zagat's Movie Guide - C. Bidault contributor

Read more>