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Aha Channel (“Aha ”) is a new website and mobile application that provides a new value to web surfers and smart-phone customers.


Why “Aha? “Aha is the expression of discovery or realization; it is that moment in a film that connects with the viewer.


The value proposition of Aha is to fill a customer need to extend the enjoyment of their smart-phones by providing personalized entertainment (movies, animation, documentaries, etc.) to their virtual experience.


Similar to other mobile applications, such as for music, Netflix for movies, Aha provides a “personalized” experience for customers, by identifying their interests and “likes” and delivering additional “associated clips” to provide a rich visual experience.


Aha differentiates itself by accessing and showcasing an extensive library of “clips” from over 10,000 films. Each film generates a number of clips that can be streamed quickly and easily on their smart-phone, laptop, or tablet. 

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