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Founded in 1999, MediaFusion Entertainment is aided by its international network of relationships with distributors, financiers, sales agents, banks, attorneys, government and non-governmental agencies, exhibitors, publicists, journalists, film festivals, and trade shows, MediaFusion Entertainment, LLC is uniquely positioned to assist its clients in maximizing their productions. Headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana, MediaFusion makes the independent vision a reality around the world.

MediaFusion Entertainment (MediaFusionEnt) is committed to excellence and to providing producers, investors and distributors with a full range of services to ensure the success of each project, be it an individual project to libraries of films. MediaFusionEnt is laser-focused on the business side of the film, in order to let the creative team focus on capturing “magic in a bottle”. We work with you to help you achieve the results you want without the obstacles and delays that are so prevalent with films lacking proper support and management. Check out our website to learn more about our services and past and current clients.


MediaFusionEnt provides:

  • Evaluations: An internal evaluation of both the script and attached elements (script, pitch decks, director, top actors, budget; etc)

  • Types of Financing: Next MediaFusionEnt assesses the type of financing that can be secured for the project from tax credits, sales projections, and other sources of funding to determine the amount of private equity need to greenlight the project.

  • Engagements: MediaFusionEnt then engages a network of top professionals (Story analysts, Casting Agents, line producers, key production staff, marketing, international sales agents, lawyers, accountants, etc) in the business to develop a project address the specific needs that will ripe for success.

  • Services: MediaFusionEnt provides services to production to manage the business side of production leaving the filmmakers to focus on the creative elements and capturing “magic in a bottle”. For more information, contact us.


To begin the process, submit an overview of your project via our online Submission Form.

These are some of the services that MediaFusion Entertainment provides:

Film & Media Production Financing
Asset Evaluation & Valuation
Script Services

Film & Media Production Financing

MediaFusionEnt works with producers of all levels of budgets from million dollar budgets to $25Million. We provide producers with film & media production financing by matching their needs with those of investors and distributors. MediaFusionEnt assesses the type of financing that can be secured for the project from tax credits, sales projections, and other sources of funding to determine the amount of private equity need to greenlight the project. Our industry is a business first which relies on the creativity and innovation of our filmmakers. Productions that have both the creative and business elements secured to match the demands of the marketplace are best poised to be to generate the revenue to garner profits and success for all.


MediaFusionEnt works with all budget levels, all genres - - it all comes down to the quality of the story and the creative team.

Asset Evaluation & Valuation

MediaFusionEnt provides qualitative and quantitative evaluations of media assets from individual projects to media libraries. 

  • For individual assets: MediaFusionEnt evaluates all the elements that have been created for the project: script, the creative team, budget, pitch decks, attached cast and crew, budgets; production schedule, Day Out Of Days, storyboards, script breakdowns, synopsis, poster, etc. Next, MediaFusionEnt works with distributors and international sales agents to determine the current market valuation of the project. If needed, MediaFusionEnt will engage the services of industry experts that will help fine-tune the elements so that together they meet the valuation of the marketplace and investors can feel confident that they have found the right project and the right level of investment.


  • Library of media assets: MediaFusionEnt has experience in managing the evaluation and valuation of media assets. We assemble the team to carry out the due diligence before an acquisition. Working with the legal documentation, the available rights, tracking the type and quality of masters and storage facilities, we create a report on compliance with accounting and tax regulations as well as support in analysis future cash flow projections to validate income and expenditure assumptions.

Script Services

MediaFusionEnt provides scriptwriting services for productions. The most important element of a production is the script and positioning that script in the marketplace is key. We provide script analysis services that determines the strengths and the weaknesses of the script. Then we work to fine-tune and polish the script in order to move forward with production. This requires numerous drafts at almost every step up to begin production.  We would love to hear from you to find out more about your project, and your screenwriting needs so we can match with professionals from our team who can help your dream become a reality with expert screenwriting services that you can rely on to bring excellence to your film or other projects. For more information, contact us.

All Phases of Production Services

MediaFusion Entertainment (MediaFusionEnt) is a full-service film and media financing and production company that has worked on over 1,000 film projects in the past and has had a high level of success in the industry. We work internationally with some of the top professionals in their fields to bring our clients the results they want, to see their dreams become a reality. We are known for our all-inclusive approach to financing, production, distribution, and recoupment. We take every step of the project into consideration to produce high production value, critically acclaimed productions that find their audience resulting in generating the revenue to pay back the investors and increase profits. If you are searching for a film consultant that you can rely on to provide you with meaningful consultation, information, and support you need to make your project a success, contact us. We have a network of top professionals in the industry that can provide you with the results you want.


MediaFusionEnt can be engaged at any phase of production to distribution: from script development to sales projections to editing to marketing, we have you covered.  Getting the right guidance and input requires working with professionals who know the industry and who have the experience to help your film project be successful. You can learn more about our company and services and a list of current and past project partners and clients on our website.


For more information about how you can team up with MediaFusionEnt and engage the services for your project, contact us. In order to expedite the process, you can submit an overview of your project information via our online Submission Form.


MediaFusionEnt provides a full array of services for productions that are necessary to produce a successful film from start to finish..

  • Development & Business Affairs

  • Budgets

  • Pre-production, Production and Post-Production Schedules

  • Day Out Of Days

  • Post Production Coordination

  • Post Accounting & Tax Credit Audit Coordination

  • Focus Groups

  • Deliverables Coordination

  • Marketing: Pitch Decks, Posters, Trailers

  • Distributor and International Sales Representative Relations

  • and other essential services


MediaFusionEnt is able to provide resources and strategies that all designed to provide clients with everything they need to be successful with their project. When you have a project in the works, you want to provide every chance for success, and that means working with a company that values integrity and comprehensive management from start to finish. We leave no stone unturned and work hard to reduce complications and promote a smooth workflow during the entire process of production.

Financial Reporting & Recoupment Services

MediaFusion Entertainment provides comprehensive financial reporting and recoupment services, including:

  • Budgeting & Cost Reports

  • Film Industry Reports

  • Access to Film Industry Reports

  • Costs Reports

  • Audits

  • Accounting Services

  • State Tax Credit Coordination

  • Asset Evaluation for Media Libraries

If you need assistance in keeping informed on every step of your project, an extra pair of eyes and ears through the process of creating and producing projects, you can turn to


MediaFusionEnt for all the information, reporting, and services you need. From producers to distributors to investors, we can manage the information that will help you make accurate decisions for the best results and avoid pitfalls. We have worked in the United States and internationally, with an international network of lawyers, accountants, line producers, and marketers. Let us create the reports you need and any other related services that can help make projects a success. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with all phases of your projects.


Those who are seeking counsel in media and entertainment law can find the support and services they need when they reach out to the professional team at MediaFusion Entertainment. Accuracy and professionalism are top priorities when it comes to film and television legalities. We can provide industry experts that can get you the results you want and guide you through all of the related legal processes to protect individuals and companies alike. We have a full team of top legal professionals. They specialize in media and entertainment law and can help you move forward with projects or help remedy issues that may arise concerning a media project. Whenever you need to work with an expert in media and entertainment law, you can count on us to provide expert services and give reliable advice to help you avoid problems and produce optimal results for your situation or project. Reach out to us today to learn more about the legal services we can provide to our clients.


People interested in working with a media entertainment company with a reputation for excellence and top results should consider working with MediaFusion Entertainment. We have everything you need to make your projects a success. From planning a script to production and law, we handle everything with skill and integrity to promote top results that can make your project shine. To learn more about how you can begin working with an international industry leader in the field, reach out to us today and speak with one of our representatives. You can expect more out of your project when you work with us because we are committed to producing excellent projects that are streamlined and highly professional.

Festival & Event Management

MediaFusionEnt offers a wide range of Film Festival and Conference Event Management Services meant to assist you in producing an event one-time and on budget. From submission coordination, inviting judges, evaluation coordination, programming, scheduling, marketing strategy, presenter coordination, seminar creation and scheduling, VIP and special guests, guest speakers, and much more. We have experienced film festival and conference management and have access to all of the resources you need to produce and execute a top-quality event.


MediaFusionEnt provides planning and execution strategies that help make film festivals and conferences run smoothly and remain organized and profitable. If you are looking for an all in one solution to keep your event or festival on track, contact us. If you are organizing a conference and need conference events management services, you can rely on the team at MediaFusion Entertainment to help plan and execute the conference so it flows smoothly throughout the day or day and can provide a professional streamlined experience for all in attendance.

Property Management

MediaFusionEnt provides productions from around the world with property management for their cast and crew, that are safe and within budget. We secured accommodations for production, conferences, and events.

Also, MediaFusion Ent owns and manages exclusive, luxury, and secure properties in several locations around the world. If you are looking for an ideal vacation or short term corporate rental, we are here to assist you.  MediaFusionEnt knows what people with high standards expect. 


Our properties are furnished,  well maintained, and secure. Ideal for Film Locations! These properties can be used for Get-away weekends, weddings, family reunions. In New Orleans, our properties are in the Garden District/Uptown; Central Business District; French Quarter, and Marigny areas. In France, they are in Paris and throughout the country. If you are interested in a location for your commercial or production, please contact us.  Here is more information and photos, click here

All Phases of Production Services
Financial Reporting & Recoupment Services
Festival and Event Management
Property Management
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