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An Untold Triumph

MediaFusion An Untold Triumph Poster

84 mins   |   English  |  USA  |   Documentary

Production Status: Completed


Camera (color, video): Christopher Li

Music: Charlie Barnett. 

Narrator: Lou Diamond Phillips


An Untold Triumph, a documentary honoring the 7,000 WWII Filipino Infantry Regiments

Rights available: Worldwide rights available, excluding PBS (US).

Multiple Award winner including Best Documentary at Hawaii International Film Festival

AN UNTOLD TRIUMPH is a landmark film that documents and honors the 7,000 men of the 1st and 2nd Filipino Infantry Regiments of the US Army who fought in World War II in the Philippines. Despite enduring a bleak, racist prewar climate that treated them as second-class citizens, Filipinos in America rallied to support America's war effort after the fateful bombing of Pearl Harbor and Manila a few hours later. With a strong desire to fight for both their Philippine homeland and their adopted country, their campaign to join the US Army finally succeeded on December 20, 1941, when President Roosevelt signed an executive order allowing Filipinos to join the service and form a volunteer, all-Filipino unit. A fitting testament to these brave soldiers, AN UNTOLD TRIUMPH imparts touching personal accounts of these men's sacrifices and contributions during the war. More important, it inducts Filipino Americans into their rightful place in American history.

Produced by:  Noel Izon

Producer’s Representative: MediaFusion | Carol Bidault


Producer: Carol Bidault

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