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National Lampoon's GIRLZ RULE 
Script Contest 





1.     I am a woman scriptwriter 18 years or older;

2.     I am an Active Member of a WIFT US chapter member Organization (see for more details);

3.     My Script is copyrighted (registered with the U.S. Copyright Office);

4.     My Script is feature-length (minimum of 80 pages, maximum of 120 pages);

5.     My Script features women in both in number and quality of the characters;

6.     My Script is in English;

7.     I understand that there are no limitations or restrictions as to the date of authorship of submitted screenplay materials;

8.    I certify that my script is not be encumbered by any obligation to, or option held by, any third party prior to entering the screenplay competition;

9.     My script is in standard screenplay format, font, spacing and margin;

10.   The Title and name of screenwriter(s) and contact information are on the cover page is required along with the Copyright information.

If you agree to the above Terms and Conditions, please submit the submission form

National Lampoon's Girl Rule Script Contest
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