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Crescent City

Feature   |   English   |  USA

Production Status: In Development


Genre:  Neo-Noir Mystery/Drama

Tagline: Family, Class, and Power!


Logline: A glittering society that masks a dark reality of the double and triple cross, greed, and murder. 

Writer: James Farwell

Producers: Carol Bidault de l'Isle, Chandu Shah

Executive Producers: James Farwell, Frank Hart, Jerry Daigle

Co-Producer: John Oetjen 


Country of production: USA


Year of production: 2021


Duration (in minutes): 90


FINANCE IN PLACE: 65% (In Equity and Tax incentives)


SYNOPSIS: (coming soon)

Note from Author/Writer:

At first blush, New Orleans is a garden of roses. But it sits on a crown of thorns. They're sharp. You cut, you bleed. You avoid one patch and land squarely amid a second. Born into an elite family of uptown New Orleans, Kirsten Bisset's path takes on a journey of realization as the reality of a glittering society opens her eyes to a society in which greed, ambition, and murder drive family class and power.


You want to control your own destiny, but that destiny is framed by Parameters over which you have no control.


Just getting by is no good, but to get ahead and realize your dreams you have to compromise with the reality of the place. It’s a city of purported royalty Whose icons are floats made of tin foil, Ridden by knights who throw beads made in formerly communist countries or, today, China.

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