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House of Secrets

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Feature   |   English   |  USA

Production Status:  In Development

Tagline: Some blessings are a curse.


"House of Secrets" is a supernatural/ psychological thriller in the tradition of “GHOST”, “GIRL INTERRUPTED” and “CHINATOWN”; about an 18-year-old girl that inherits a family home, where her late mother's spirit warns her of impending danger.

Set against the beautiful, exotic backdrop of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Writer: Veleka Gray

ProducerCarol Bidault de l’Isle

Location: Louisiana, USA


FINANCING IN PLACE: 65% (In Equity and Tax incentives)

After eighteen-year-old JULIE CLAIRVAUX leaves an asylum where she has lived for many years, she moves into her dead mother’s family home with her friend, ANNIE JACKSON. JACQUES CLAIRVAUX, Julie's powerful, wealthy grandfather hires STEPHAN VILLERE to repair the house and act as guardian.  Julie soon discovers that the house was once a brothel and that the spirits in the house are desperately trying to communicate with her.

Julie is scared by the spirits and is tempted to leave until a sign shows her that one of the spirits is her mother, and Julie must find out what her mother wants to tell her.  Julie is also falling in love with Stephan.  In order to exorcise the bad spirits in the house, Julie hires a Voodoo priestess.  Annie is killed.

Julie dons traditional white clothes and with Stephan, scatters Annie's ashes during the New Orleans traditional St. Anne’s Voodoo ceremony during Mardi Gras.  When she and Stephan return to the house, Stephan goes to the basement to retrieve Annie’s things.  Julie finds it too painful to go down there and instead goes into the parlor to wait.  
While he is searching for Annie’s things in the basement, someone hits Stephan over the head and knocks him out.  Upstairs in the parlor, Jacques enters and sees Julie in the white dress, looking like her mother whom he loved.  He tries to rape her. Stephan enters and saves her, and Jacques is devoured by ghouls.  Stephan confesses his love for Julie.


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