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MediaFusion NL Girlz Rule Contest
National Lampoon's Girlz Rule
Script Evaluator's Page

New - Script Submission Dates:

November 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024


Winners will be notified by April 30, 2024

Announced at the Cannes Film Festival 2024


Script Evaluators are now divided into 2 groups:
Group 1 Introductory meeting: Tuesay Nov 21st at 4pm EST - 
Google Meet video link (if you missed the session):  
Group 2 Introductory meeting: Tuesay Nov 21st at 5pm EST -
Google Meet video link (if you missed the session):  
You will receive an email identifying to which group you have been assigned. Email any questions to
  1. Overview of Contest

  2. Script Evaluation Guidelines

  3. Evaluation questions 


Once you receive this, we ask that you let us know, by replying to this email, that you are ready to evaluate a script for the contest. Once you receive a script from us, please follow the guidelines, read through the entire script; fill out the form and submit. We ask that you get back to us within one week. If you are not able to complete the task in one week, let us know. If you need more time, let us know, but please do not let it exceed 2 weeks. You will not be excluded from the process, just contact us when you are available to read a script and get the evaluation back to us. 


If interested in reading and evaluating more scripts, send us an email after each completed evaluation.


If you are interested in getting more involved with the contest, we are looking for a Contest Coordinator. This person will work with Carol Bidault and Nancy McBride; liaise with Evaluators and writers, in order to keep the contest running smoothly. If you need more information:


Overview of Contest: 

National Lampoon’s GIRLZ RULE Script Contest, which was launched in association with Women in Film & Television US (“WIFT US”). This partnership seeks to provide women scriptwriters - LGBTQ+, women of color (Asian, Black, Indigenous, Latino), all religions, professional or amateur status, any race, ethnicity, country of origin, native language, political orientation, or sexual preference - with an opportunity to submit their scripts and be part of the GIRLZ RULE feature film series to be produced by the National Lampoon GIRLZ RULE film series (#GirlzRule).


NLGR Script Contest seeks comedies and parodies of every kind that appeal to a wide audience. The scripts NL GIRLZ RULE seeks are intelligent, with cutting-edge wit, combined with some satire. National Lampoon has an illustrious history in the comedy genre beginning with its first film produced in 1978, “National Lampoon’s Animal House”, one of the most successful comedies ever.

Carol Bidault de l’Isle (“Daliland”) and Jerry Daigle ("Love, Wedding, Marriage" and "Odd Thomas") are set to produce the films. They along with Nancy McBride, WIFT US President will also participate in the review and determine the finalists.


Script Evaluation Guidelines: 


  • You understand that you will not be compensated for this duty. 

  • Credited as Script Analyst 

  • You agree to remain anonymous to the public and not disclose which scripts you have received, read, evaluated

  • You will notify the NLGirlzRule Committee if you are given a script written by someone you know personally. 

  • You agree to read the script in its entirety.

  • You agree to not share, download, reproduce in any way the script 

  • You agree that we potentially might be sending the writers your evaluation, which will remain anonymous

  • We will have the right to reproduce, excerpt, and distribute your evaluation form anonymously. 


Evaluation Form:


  • Is the concept original and engaging? Identify unique aspects, Consider audience appeal

  • Does the story have a clear theme? Identify the theme, Evaluate its effectiveness

  • Are the plot, structure, and pacing well-crafted? Analyze the three-act structure, Evaluate pacing and flow, Check for any plot holes or inconsistencies


  • Are the characters well-developed and distinct? Assess character motivations, Evaluate character arcs, Check for unique voices and dialogue

  • Is the protagonist relatable and engaging? Evaluate the protagonist's goals, Assess the protagonist's growth

  • Is the antagonist well-developed and formidable? Evaluate the antagonist's motivations, Assess the antagonist's impact on the story


  • Is the setting well-developed and immersive? Evaluate the use of description and detail, Assess the story's sense of place

  • Are the story's rules and logic consistent? Evaluate any magical or technological systems, Check for logical inconsistencies or contradictions


  • Is the writing style engaging and effective? Assess the use of language and tone, Evaluate readability and flow

  • Is the dialogue natural and character-driven? Analyze the use of subtext and emotion, Evaluate the balance of dialogue and action

  • Is the screenplay properly formatted and free of errors? Check for proper screenplay format, Proofread for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors


Thank you in advance for your participation and we look forward to working with you.



Carol Bidault de l’Isle, Producer

Jerry Daigle, Producer

Nancy McBride, President, WIFT US

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