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National Lampoon's
A Williams Christmas Vacation

Feature   |   English   |  USA 

Production Status:  In Development

Genre:  Comedy

Tagline: A tribute to the family chaos and discord that happens during the time of year of peace and goodwill.



After soon-to-be doctor, Trey Williams, proposes to law student Chanel Sanders, their families must spend the Christmas holidays together. Throughout the chaos of a joint family Christmas, Clarence Williams, Trey’s father, is determined to show the ex-star athlete George Sanders and his family a good, old-fashioned Christmas - Williams style. Not only do the families have to navigate the havoc and discord, during that time of year of peace and goodwill, Clarence has to deal with a crazed client who adds to the mayhem. This is an updated National Lampoon's Griswold Christmas Vacation story, with the Williams family, an African American family, at the center.


Writers: Carol Bidault de l’Isle and Monika Arceneaux

Producers: Jerry Daigle, Carol Bidault de l'Isle

Location: Los Angeles (Shooting in Louisiana)


Duration (in minutes): 90

Budget: $20 Million USD



  • 30% : Producer's Investments: 30% equity (In place)

  • 30% Louisiana Tax Credits (25% of Qualifying Expense/40% for Labor)

  • 20%: Private Investors - Equity (In place)

  • 20%: in Equity (Seeking)

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