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Like Father, Like Son

Feature   |   English   | Morocco - USA 

Production Status: In Development


Tagline: The choice between country and family is hell!

Logline: Like Father, Like Son shows the extraordinary circumstances that test the loyalty shown by family, old friends, and strangers in a world in turmoil. Set in Afghanistan.

Like Father, Like Son is a modern-day American War story (similar in style to Hurt Locker, Battle of Algiers)  of two families - one American, the other Afghan fathers, and sons thrown together by war; a clash of generations, cultures, and time.  Like Father, Like Son reveals two parallel stories: an American military family caught between a son’s determination to break free from his father's shadow and father’s determination to find his son behind enemy lines; and, an Afghan father who trained by the Americans to fight the Soviets and his son who is transformed from extremism to his duty to his father and country.  Like Father, Like Son reveals the kind of extraordinary circumstances and the type of undying loyalty shown by family, friends, and even strangers that can only be forged by a world in turmoil.


FINANCING IN PLACE: 65% (In Equity and Tax incentives)

Director: To be determined

CAST LIST (secured):
John Garrett - Michael Papajohn (Spiderman, Gangster Squad) 
Khalid Jafir -   Sammy Sheik (Transformers, Charlie Wilson’s War) 
Forood  -        Said Faraj  (Green Zone, 24) 
Ali Abbas  -    Nicholas Guilak (Saving Jessica Lynch)  

Production Team:
The Like Father, Like Son Production Team, is comprised of industry-recognized motion picture professionals with world-renowned production, distribution, and marketing expertise:

Producer & Co-writer: Carol Bidault de l'Isle with over 25 years of experience in development, financing, production, and distribution.

Executive Producer, Writer & Military Technical Advisor:  Vincent McLeod has 30 years of Operational and Training experience in a wide variety of venues from Maritime to Ground Operations. He served 20 years in the U.S. Marine Corps Infantry, 1st, and 2nd Force Reconnaissance, with multiple combat tours. Mr. McLeod has worked in Sales Management for multiple companies, including Small Business and Fortune 500. He is currently the Director of Training for a Private Security Company.

Casting Director: Ineke de Vos, Fox International Casting & Finders Group, with over 15 years of experience casting independent features.

Like Father, Like Son Productions will produce this film in Louisiana and New Mexico. The combination of the natural landscapes, the highest-caliber production professionals, and state-of-the-art studio facilities located in New Orleans, Shreveport, Baton Rouge, and the environs of Albuquerque, New Mexico; will create a high-quality feature film production.

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